Mama Congo

Mama Jeanne and Mama Jeanne in the DRC are two of the women who for years have made heroic efforts to help the thousands of women and children who are victims of unspeakable brutality in the eastern Congo.
JOIN has since 2004 worked together with Mama Jeanette and Mama Jeanne, women who have dedicated their lives to helping others. In 2015, these two women where nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize together with Dr Denis Mukwege.

JOIN good forces

JOIN good forces are working through individuals, churches, organizations and governments to bring assistance and strengthen men, women and children in fragile states that are trying to rise again after war and conflict.

We are effective and dedicated with an ability to react quickly to new challenges, often at the grassroots level. Our field workers often go into dangerous areas that are difficult to access. They cross roadblocks and war zones to seek out victims of violence and war. Everywhere they bring help, hope, courage, and faith in a better future.

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