Children our future

The weakest in the Congolese community are the children. None of those less than 18 years old have experienced living in a country with a stable peace. It is a perspective that challenges us greatly.

DR Congo are among the most dangerous countries in the world for women and children to live in acording to the UN.

Many children have also been witness to the most brutal abuse and they have seen parents being killed before their eyes. Unfortunately, many children also suffered the most terrible abuse, and children as young as age two have been raped.

What kind of future awaits them?

With no help the future for these children will be both dark and difficult. But luckily there are people like Mama Jeanne, who has devoted her life to help the many orphans. Many of these have been in danger of being recruited as child soldiers, but today they are safe in the care of Mama Jeanne. Today over 150 children have a safe haven at Mama Jeannes orphanage in Goma,  where they receive care, medical supervision and the smallest also receive schooling.

JOIN want to stand with these great forces to bring hope in the future also for the next generation of Congolese.