Change for peace

The Fatherhood programme

The aim of the Fatherhood program is to give men an increased understanding of how their role as a father can prevent violence against women and children. Through the program and information we aim to give the participants increased understanding that peace in the world starts at home.

The project started may 2010. During 2010 and 2011 more than 320 men from Goma have participated. In 2012 the program is extended from UN controlled Goma to the surrounding rural areas. This has enabled the program to reach areas where the problem of rape and other gender-based violence is particularly high. More than 2000 men has participated in the program during 2013, including civic servants, military, guerrilla soldiers and officers as well as ordinary civilian men. Our local partner Hope in Action is responsible for the program.

The Norwegian research group FAFO has initiated a research program that is executed in parallel with the Fatherhood-program, where we seek increased understanding on how to prevent gender-based violence. The first field studies were done during in 2011. The FAFO report was finalised in 2013 and presented to Norwegian government, including an evaluation of the Fatherhood program. FAFO concluded that the program is an innovative, groundbreaking initiative, which should receive further support.