Hope in Action

HiA is central in our work in DR Congo. JOIN (CRN) was implementing the foundation of HiA after extended cooperation with local staff in eastern Congo. HiA is also registered in Sweden.


Hope in Action projects:

  • Demobilization of guerrilla soldiers
  • Weapons Destruction
  • Help for Child Soldiers and children conneted to the guerrilla.
  • The construction of the Kyeshero Hospital (a hospital for women and children) and the pavilion at Heal Africa Hospital in Goma
  • Fatherhood Program
  • Women centers for outcasts, raped women and children
  • Relief efforts aimed at raped women and children, reception centers and "listening houses" in Goma and in the Masisi and Kitchanga areas
  • Health care with special focus on women and children. Upgrading and operation of local health centers, health posts and mobile clinics

Hope in Actions mobile klinikker dro opp i områder der få andre hjelpeorganisasjoner arbeidet. Mange tusen mennesker fikk på denne måten medisinsk hjelp.